Do you know what “shao kao” means?

Shao = burning fire. Kao = grill

It is an ancient form of cooking. The first humans already cooked meat over open fire and noticed that this stimulated their appetite further.

Do you know the Shao Kao Restaurant?

The Shao Kao Restaurant was opened in 2015 by Mr Chen with the idea of this original form of cooking. We use fresh ingredients and high-quality herbs and spices. Barbecuing preserves the natural taste of meat, and cooking over an open fire adds a special note. We use different types of barbecues, including a special barbecue that heats to temperatures of up to 800°. We serve authentic Chinese fine cuisine.

Now do you know why you should come to the Shao Kao Restaurant?

Mr Chen was born in the 1970s into a family of physicians. His grandmother ran a Chinese pharmacy. He spent much of his childhood in this pharmacy and even as a child knew a lot about Chinese medicine. His mother was a very good cook and knew her business. That’s why he understands Chinese cooking and how to use Chinese herbs. Chinese cooking is based around 5 elements. They create a natural, harmonic cuisine.

Mr Chen moved to beautiful Austria at the end of the 1990s. He worked at a restaurant as an apprentice. His career started with cleaning toilets and pouring drinks, then moved on to services, until he finally made it to restaurant manager in Vienna. He was always diligent and worked hard to achieve his goals. He loves food, and tasty dishes matter to him, which is why he places high demands on how good food should be prepared. In 2002, he started by opening his own first restaurant. From then on, he strove to always come up with new concepts and ideas in order to become a top restaurateur. He travels to China several times a year to add to his knowledge of cooking and discover new dishes. No matter what the season, whether cold winter or hot summer, he does all he can to find the best recipes.

In 2016, he traveled to China several times to explore Chinese barbecue specialties and jiaozi, a type of Chinese dumpling, and also imported hundreds of kilos of spices. He used up more than 800 kg of meat and flour to perfect the recipes and ultimately created the tastiest barbecue specialties and jiaozi.

More and more Europeans have the opportunity to visit beautiful China and taste its local delicacies. This has made people more open to trying out genuine, original Chinese cuisine.

Now we are able to welcome you and your friends to our Shao Kao Restaurant. You no longer need to travel all the way to the Far East, and can instead get to know and enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine right here.


1 = with colorant
2 = with preservatives
3 = with antioxidants
4 = with flavor enhancers
5 = with sulfur dioxide
6 = with sweetener
7 = with caffeine
8 = with quinine
9 = blackened
10 = contains source of phenylalanine

A = cereals containing gluten ( wheat )
B = crustaceans
C = eggs
D = fish
E = peanuts
F = soy
G = milk and dairy products ( including lactose )
H = tree nuts ( almond, hazelnut, walnut, cashew, pecan, Brazil nut, pistachio, macadamia )
I = celery
J = mustard
K = sesame seed
L = sulfur dioxide and sulfites in a concentration of more than 10mg/kg or 10mg/l
M = lupins
N = molluscs

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